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What is changing?

Within Onvio we can securely exchange documents and manage tasks that require action, such as e-signatures. The Client Centre is optimized for tablet and web, so you can work from any device. Once registered you can read and reply to secure messages, upload and download files and complete tasks.

You only need to register once. From then on you will receive a notification email when documents are added to your shared document folder. You can access your folder by clicking the link in the notification email or login above. If you prefer, we can send a document link by email so that you can review and download the document for a specific time without the need for logging into the Client Centre.  

Why are we making the changes?

We’ve all become accustomed to using email but email isn’t secure because it was never meant to be the centre of our digital lives. Email was developed when the Internet was a much different place and was not designed with any privacy or security in mind. Most emails are still transmitted in the open and the “envelope” icon often used to represent email is misleading because email is not a letter, it is a postcard that anybody can read. 

New legislation also requires us to take appropriate technical and organisational measures to safeguard against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data.

Does this mean the end of emails? 

We will only use the Client Centre for sharing sensitive personal information, so you can still communicate with us via normal email. 

How do I access my Onvio account? 

Please call us 01305 264573 or email and we will send you an invitation to register for an account.

Why use cloud accounting software for accountants?

Improve Processes

Provide your staff with a faster way to store documents and exchange files with clients.

Enhance Client Service

Give your clients a professional-looking client portal and allow them to sign online.

Keep Data Secure

Have peace of mind that your documents are safe, given the increased focus on data protection.

Work Remotely

Access your files on-the-go at any time – from any device and PC or Mac browser.

Ensure Business Continuity

Online systems allow you to continue to work from anywhere with Internet access.

Reduce Overheads

Save on paper filing costs, storage space, postage and the IT overheads of an onsite server.

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