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We wanted to let you know that we're updating our Terms and Conditions of Business and Privacy Policy ("Terms") which applies to the professional services that we provide. We periodically update our Terms as our services evolve, and to address new laws and regulations. We've also made them easier to read. 

The changes will take effect on 1st November 2023. Here are some highlights:

Terms and Conditions of Business

  • Professional obligations and practice guidelines have been updated to better reflect our professional body rules 
  • References to audit have been removed as we no longer offer this service
  • A new section on the engagement and termination of services has been added
  • Our fee structure and payment terms have been explained in greater detail
  • Responsibilities for the retention of papers and documents has been clearly defined
  • Limitations of liability and limitations on third-party rights clarified

Privacy Policy

  • The purpose for which we intend to process personal data
  • Your rights explained in greater detail

We encourage you to review the updated documents in full. By continuing to use our services after the effective date, you accept these new terms.




Tony Grant: 16th Oct 2023 11:42:00